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In 2016, Nadia started writing compositions and founded a band called HAWA B. As a bandleader, composer, and singer-songwriter, her passion lies in creating dense and exciting soundscapes, pushing limits with innovative content, and employing a rich palette of colours and textures. As a touring artist, she aims to champion the cultural-artistic wealth that stems from Canadian diversity.


While soul music and jazz are undoubtedly clear influences in HAWA B, alternative-rock is also a main source of inspiration. As a young black woman, she is proud to create music that smashes stereotypes about women and artists of colour and their work. It is important for her to challenge preconceptions about black music and remind people that rock is also part of black heritage.


She aims to provide comfort through her lyrics while simultaneously dismantling negative connotations around sadness and other difficult emotions. HAWA B has created her own musical universe to portray sadness in a positive light, inspiring the title of her upcoming debut EP, “Sad in a Good Way.”

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